Sleep like a baby.
Wake like a gorilla.

Sleep makes our wake awesome.

How Sleep works for us ›


Food we eat – goes down a metabolic pathway.

The neural signaling for this pathway – is maintained by sleep.


The age of the brain is computed every day-night cycle. Sleep is the time of hormonal accounting.

Data assimilation

‘Sleep on it’ ! Not dance with it, eat with it, or take a shower with it…Challenges bring sleep for a reason.

Cardio Vascular

Parasympathetic responses are tuned in deep sleep. Pulse is timed to delta waves.

Emotional Recall

The experiment with sleep, brain and negative words – read it in the book.


The legendary Ghrelin & Leptin duo are maintained by sleep.

“…kadak sleep these days.”

Manish Kapse

Vashi, Mumbai

F1 Pit crew

Between our ears are residing some of the smartest engineers in the world. These components come together to perform a neural symphony.

When done right – sleep makes us over achieve.

SCN for short

It was believed to be a type of cells. But its established that this is a department of cells. They govern much more than sleep.

Memory Model

Memory is not data. Quantum units of information indexed by our bio-clock. Get a fascinating perspective of memory and where it is stored.

“ Interesting. ”

Hi Tryptophan !

The big reason why Kaiben is so successful with your sleep – is because of the natural tryptophan in the product.

Give your sleep the upgrade and experience the leap.