A tick is a 100 million year old animal.

Its brain hasn’t evolved at all. And in such a primitive state there’s really not much it does – except multiply. 

Ticks are everywhere – all the time. They continuously keep replicating and the moment the conditions are right – they sprout into living organisms that suck on our doggo’s blood. 

Let’s get to the bottom of the ticks business ›

If you were a tick – would you just keep biting about – hoping something will work sometime ?

Sooner or later you’d run out of energy. 

Evolution will teach me to do a ‘check’ before I try to sink my fangs. My objective should be met. That is met with the blood of my victim. 

What’s this check? 

Check if the skin glands are ON or OFF. 
If any gland is OFF – sink teeth
If both glands are ON – keep walking

You may have often seen ticks walking around on your doggo – but none anywhere stuck to the skin. That’s because they’re just walking – they will jump onto the next animal they can – to check if that can be a potential host. 

That’s how ticks travel – and deposit more eggs everywhere. These tiny balls stick to the bottom of our doggos feet. 

The Apocrine glands will release water – to help the doggos sweat and cool down. That creates enough moisture in the air for the eggs to hatch. 

Now at this time if the merocrine glands – (gland secretions that our brains recognize as the smell of the animal) – if they are not firing right – the new babies will sink teeth. And in a few days we’ll catch these little balls filled with our doggos blood. 

I hate to admit it – now after 2 years of tick free experience – I sometimes miss plucking those from my doggos’ feet before Kaiben came along. 

Now what’s Kaiben got to do with ticks ? 

Ticks will KEEP WALKING if all glands are firing correctly. 

All glands will fire correctly – only when the brain has nutrient surplus. 

Basically during a nutrient deficit – the brain decides to reduce nutrient supply to the least risk – the organ which if fails won’t threaten survival. 

This organ – is the skin. 

And a tick – that’s nature’s sign of telling us that our doggo’s nutrient levels are low. 

“Maggie has not had ticks since she started Kaiben … “


Pawrent of Maggie – a 6 year old adorable pom


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